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Virginia Osprey Foundation

Virginia Osprey Festival, Save the Date!  April 13, 2024

Osprey Lovers
Virginia osprey festival

Mission Statement
The Virginia Osprey Foundation is dedicated to the protection of Osprey and their habitats in Virginia.  Through science, education, advocacy and community engagement, our mission is to foster a sustainable environment where Osprey thrive.

The Virginia Osprey Festival is one of the largest festivals of its kind celebrating the osprey’s annual return to Colonial Beach, birdwatching and the area's abundant natural resources.

From Joanie Millward, President of the Virginia Osprey Foundation.
Please consider becoming a member of The International Osprey Foundation. They are an amazing organization and have been an amazing partner.

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The International Osprey Foundation

The Virginia Osprey Festival in Colonial Beach would like to express its appreciation to the Potomac River Fisheries Commission and its Executive Director, Martin Gary, for their support and use of its facilities to the festival over the years.  Please visit their website and become familiar with this valuable organization located within the Town of Colonial Beach.

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Ground Zero for Ospreys
Around 20,000 ospreys are attracted to Chesapeake Bay annually, making it the world's most important nesting grounds for the species. But researchers believe that the decline of one little fish might play a significant part in the decreasing breeding success in recent years.
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